Sunday, September 4, 2011

Better things ahead

There are better things ahead.

Hope for the future is a great motivator for change especially if you are not loving right where you are at the moment. Even if you love where you are, time changes all things. Nothing stays the same. So the decision becomes move forward or fall behind.

Today, I'm moving forward because better things are ahead.


  1. Love your concept, I'm totally for imagining what a positive outcome looks like, sounds like, will be.

  2. Hi Kate - Love your idea and the name of your site/blog. Came over from SheWrites. Wish you the very best with this project.

  3. Kate, I'm looking forward to the changes this lovely blog will take once time passes! I'm with Corinne--I love the name and the idea. As for change, I always see it as something positive. Nothing in life is static. We're always evolving, changing, taking on new nuances. I'm staying tuned to see what lies ahead for "Solid Happiness!" :)

  4. Hi Kate, this is a terrific idea for a blog. Something positive to remember each day! I'll be back for more!